What is Chromecast all about?

After getting a big hype, the 35$ cloud based wifi dongle is selling like hot cakes and is already sold out in play store? So , what is this chromecast all about?

Well google is already supporting the same format in its nexus devices which works with smart tv for Youtube app. Also, this is something similar to what Samsung is offering branded as “Allshare”. Still there are few things which are different compare to allshare and cost saving benefits as well. The chromecast dongle enables to stream content from your android tablet/phone . In actual it just send the request to cloud on the request send from your tablet/phone to your tv. Also, from future perspective , this is going to be cross platform compatible.


But when compared to allshare (which is UPNP/DLNA based streaming) which is samsung proprietary, it still has to cover a lot. Right now Chromecast is limited to youtube,play store and netflix app (with more to come soon) whereas people would like to get something like miracast, which mirrors there phone screen itself (any content on phone) and the sharing compatibility as well.

The Chromecast is yet another attempt from Google to get into the big screen media in your home , now at a cheaper price then android/apple tv. The first look review is positive and the prices are dirt cheap. Only the time can tell how far the chromecast can cast its magic in the Television market.