Google shares sores as Google Bans Resale of its much Hyped Project Glass

Google recently release its long awaited Google Glass technology, to the early users who would have the ability to purchase Glass.

Glass, which Google’s Larry Page and Sergey Brin have spent the better part of year perfecting, is widely seen as the search engine giant’s next big project. The search engine giant announced earlier this year that it could host a contest as part of an effort to determine 8,000 users that could have the opportunity to purchase the technology at a price of $1,500 per set. In addition to 8,000 users, Google is said to be shipping 2,000 to developers as part of an effort to begin building apps for the technology.

Glass, which will allow the user to tap into the internet through Google’s Android operating system, seems to have already captured the tech world’s attention. A number of users attempted to sell their Google glasses online, before it was reported that Google would shut down glasses not used by purchasers. The glasses were eventually pulled, but not before one user offered nearly $100,000 for a pair.

Google glass

According to a demo of the technology, Glass will project a small screen into the users eye, providing them with access to just about anything found on a smartphone. Sound is reportedly relayed to the user’s eardrum via bone conduction through the skull. According to Google, the entire operation is voice-activated and the technology has the ability to learn as it adapts.

While Glass has captured the attention of technology enthusiasts, it has also garnered its fair share of criticism. Already a number of local stores and restaurants have announced plans to curtail privacy concerns by banning Glass. It remains unclear whether Google has any plans to release technology that could allow users to change privacy settings depending on their location or other variables.

Glass is just one of a series of announced advancements made by Google. The technology giant announced earlier this month plans to begin offering its high-capacity fiber network in Austin, Texas, the first city outside its preliminary rollout in 2012.

The announcement was met with enthusiasm from investors. Shares of the technology giant rose Friday as Google reported $14.04 billion in revenue and $10.69 earnings per share.