How to watch IPL Live on Tablets/Smartphones on Android and iOS

Finding it hard to get hold of IPL 2013 on your smartphones and tablets? NO need to worry now, you can watch IPL 2013 live on any android or iOS device that too globally.

Just follow the below steps:

Go to and search for the following keyword

“live match global match 17 ipl”


Please note the match number here is variable based on the current match which is going on.

After search results come up, just click on the search result with Youtube link and the native app on android and iOS will automatically open it in youtube. Voilla !! Live match is on.

The issue finding the live match feed directly is that you will end up most of the time with the browser embedded video link or the domestic restricted video. With above solution the global feed is available to all countries and is directly a youtube video link. Hence no more side ads.

Enjoy cricket and enjoy IPL 2013