Why to go for expensive tablet, when Chromebook already a cheaper alternative!

Since holiday season is approaching, all the tech majors are pumping up with there products to lure consumers. Out of the majors, Google seems to be launching products which are quite brilliantly designed and are more affordable to the mass consumers. A recent addition to this is Google Chromebook in partnership with Samsung.

Google has managed to bring down the price to 249$ only for a Chromebook. Guess what? Its cheaper than majority of tablets available in the market today and yet have all the similar features available with a sleek design.

Chromebook is yet another product which stands between conventional Laptop and a tablet. It is primarily meant for the web centric people to browse, surf, watch videos and do some doc stuff.

Google Chromebook
Google Chromebook

Google has transitioned Chrome OS a lot , since the inception and the latest version of Chromebook is an example of it. With a minimal hardware spec you can actually do a lot. On top of it, you will be getting freebies like 100Gb cloud storage, auto updates for your apps and OS itself.

Given the pricepoint, it is one of the good initiative by Google to drive crowd on its cloud based OS.