Why Surface RT won’t be successful until windows 8 platform establish itself

Microsoft is spending lot of bucks to make its new platform called windows 8 as success. But despite all the attempts it depends largely on the normal consumer perception of what they think of term “Windows” in there day to day life. Microsoft has a long challenge ahead to train there consumer and there own staff to know what there platform is exactly capable of for different segments of users.

If Microsoft really has to sell out there products to enterprises, then there best bet would be Surface Pro as it extends the capability of there software with the portability & touchability element. The real success of RT and Pro relies on how quickly the marketplace is going to filled up with applications. Although, AMD has tied up with Bluestack to run the apps form google android market to windows tablet but the performance of the underlying OS could be properly harnessed only if they have its own native apps.

MicroSoft Surface RT
MicroSoft Surface RT

In general it would have been better if Microsoft would have portrayed there first windows tablet (Surface RT) as a consumer tablet tablet only, in there attempt to distinguish between RT vs PRO version of windows tablet , they have missed out a big blank to there brand i.e the software which are so far running on the conventional windows. All Microsoft says is that users can download the apps from the marketplace. But the question here is , where are these apps? Microsoft barely had 5574 apps as of today in there marketplace and is lagging way behind its competitors which are having  7 lacs or 6.5 lacs apps on there stores.

In the verge of establishing themselves in the post pc market, Microsoft now is highly relying in the success of Windows 8 and developers to develop application for there platform. As of hardware and technical engineering Microsoft has done all good to enable users to get max out the tablet, but the early adopters might have to wait till they see large number of applications which they are use to in conventional windows. Also, the performance could vary based on the ARM processors or the x86 processors, later one is obviously more complex and runs almost everything. Though this is not highlighted as a constraint, but there is a fair chance that you won’t see the best of Windows in the RT version.

So is this the right time to buy Microsoft tablet?

If I have to answer this question, i would suggest to wait till the marketplace have enough applications to make your life enjoyable with your tablet, secondly the prices could go down in the holiday season if the sales are not strong enough. And lastly, if you are planning to buy a laptop next year, you can better wait for Windows Surface PRO which will run on intel core processor and support all you existing softwares. Microsoft already reported saying that close to 1000 model for windows 8 platform are already in pipeline. Hence , the time will tell how much users are willing to adopt to learning Windows 8 and the initial feedback on the OS in general after its launch on October 26.