iPhone 5 and iPad mini to launch on Sept 12

All the Apple fan boys, get ready to have a glimpse on the upcoming iPhone 5.  Apple has send invites for there event on September 12 for the much awaited launch.

The next iPhone is expected to have a taller screen and the ability to access the latest wireless data networks in the US Analysts expect it to set sales records. Other rumors have also suggested that the the new iPhone will have 8 pin dock connector and the new oval shape ear buds.

Other unconfirmed reports say Apple will reveal a smaller version of the iPad, taking on competitors like Amazon.com’s Kindle Fire, which have nibbled on the edges of the iPad’s dominance in the tablet category.

iPhone 5
iPhone 5

Motorola and Nokia are also organizing there respective events ahead of Apple’s iPhone’s launch event.

Apple shares rose $5.18 to $676.42 in afternoon trading. The shares are close to their all-time high of $680.87, hit a week ago.