Flipboard and Nike+ makes it debut on Google Play

Good news for Android users, the Nike+ and Flipboard apps have finally made their into the OS, after gaining success and popularity on Apple’s iOS.

Nike announced the Nike+ Running App for Android, which, as you’d expect, connects you to nikeplus.com, making exercise social. It features a smooth, intuitive user interface – tailored and optimized for Android – that hosts a number of features to enhance the running experience. The in-run navigation is seamless and simple, allowing runners to easily check key run stats, see their in-progress GPS maps, change songs or get audio feedback without missing a stride. It is available for free on Google Play.

Flipboard is a free application that turns Web content into a magazine format, and it has also been announced the app will be available for the likes of the Kindle Fire, Android tablets, along with Nook tablets and smartphones around the world. and to run the app, consumers will need to be using Android version 2.2 or later on a devices with a chip running at least 800 megahertz. The app will not be available for tablets with larger screen sizes, such as the 10-inch Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1.  Flipboard also announced that it is adding access to Google+ and YouTube, bringing to 12 the number of social networks users can view within the app.