Samsung Galaxy Tab 3(10.1) is enlarged Galaxy Note version:Leak!

Holy unthinkable Batman! The next version of the Galaxy Tab which is supposedly coming out next month may actually turn out to be a large size Galaxy Note. A 10.1 inch tablet with a S-pen stylus.

The unconfirmed device was listed on the Samsung site, alongside the standard Note, Wave 3 and Wave Y as being highlighted at a developer event at MWC. Its possible that the total effect was a typo, But considering the overall response and success of the Galaxy Note it won’t be surprising that the company releases a larger tablet.

A ten inch tablet with a pen would do wonders for a user potentially attacking sales of the upcoming iPad 3. If this device was to exist, we call out a quad core processor, a high def screen Android 4.0.1 and a newer version of Touch Wiz UI. But hey there is no harm in hoping, right?