Samsung Ace plus launched with few updated specs

Samsung is aiming to improve on its Galaxy Ace with this follow-up version. The handset has a more rounded look and has been upgraded in both hardware and software.

Samsung has bumped the processor up from 800MHz to 1GHz, storage up from 158MB to 3GB and the RAM from 278MB to 512MB. Slightly less important is the slightly larger HVGA screen, which is now 3.65in instead of 3.5in, with the same 320×480 resolution.

It still has the same 5MP rear facing camera and standard technology like USB, Bluetooth and WiFi. Strangely the battery has been slightly downgraded from 1,350mAh to 1,300mAh, not a good sign when the battery life was a major issue on the original Ace.

For software, the phone has been brought up to Android 2.3 Gingerbread with Samsung’s Touchwiz user interface and the normal bundle of Samsung add-ons such as Hub and Chaton.

The company said that it will launch the Ace Plus in Russia this month with Europe, CIS, Latin America, Southeast and Southwest Asia, the Middle East, Africa and China to follow. No price has been announced but we expect it to retail around the £200 mark, a little more than the Ace price tag.

“In 2012, we will continue to make every effort to create an easy and fun mobile experience by expanding our incredibly popular GALAXY smartphone range, which is now one of the most recognized and successful mobile brands in the world,” Shin added.