World’s cheapest ICS 4.0 tablet launched for $100

Eagerly waiting to get in on the tablet action, but need something that will secure future updates? Enter Ainol NOVO7 a US$ 100 tablet that has already been launched with Android 4.0. The device was previously  selling as a Android 2.3 tablet but now comes with ICS preloaded.  It features a Ingenic JZ4770 mobile applications processor and 1GHz MIPS-based XBurst CPU,  7-inch capacitive touchscreen, a Vivante GC860 GPU clocked at 444MHz, 1080p video decoding, rear 2MP camera with VGA front-facing cam, USB 2.0, HDMI 1.3, microSD slot.

Ainol NOVO7

Ainol NOVO7

The company is also working on 8 inch and 9 inch versions of the tablet. Seems like an excellent option for an under 5000 Rupee tablet. oh wait the dollar is much more expensive now.

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