RIM slashed Playbook price by 50% in india, now at Rs @13,500

RIM had announced last month that they would be writing down the value of the Playbook tablet in an attempt to drive sales, as the company would fall short of its financial targets.

In November itself, BlackBerry dropped theprice of Playbook in the US and Canada as a ‘Black Friday’ deal to US$200 (around Rs 11,000). Now as a New Year offer, they have offered a similar deal for Indian consumers. The Playbook is now selling in India for 13,490 (16GB), 15,990 (32GB) and 24,490(64GB), but only till December 31.

Why is BlackBerry doing this? First, as the financial year comes to an end, they want to try and reach somewhere close to their financial targets by selling off playbook tablets and India can play a significant role in it. After all, according to Brand Wagon-Synovate best brands survey 2011, BlackBerry has been voted as the second-most aspirational brand in India.

On top of it, India being a price sensitive market is expected to react positively to a big price drop, that too on a premium tablet. Secondly, BlackBerry 10 OS devices will be arriving towards the end of 2012. Thus, new tablets are on the way and so the company needs to get rid of their existing stock.

The pricing makes the tablet very tempting for the consumer. The Playbook has a dual core processor, gorgeous display and fantastic multi-tasking capabilities – a huge leap from the budget tablets running on single core processors.

If you have a BlackBerry phone, pair it up and access all your phone content on the large screen. Not to forget that once OS 2.0 comes out in February, it will add an Android emulator on the device through which a number of Android apps and games will run on PlayBook.

Till then, there is a lack of apps, but for general browsing, social networking and playing games,it is a great deal.