Re-use/Reinstall a expired trial software again and again

Ever wanted to get more out of trial version like games or pc software? Want to use them over and over. Here is a small trick to do so

Process Monitor is a free tool for Windows that shows real-time file system, Registry and process/thread activity. With this you can see which applications are accessing your Registry, which keys they are accessing, and the Registry data that they are reading and writing – all in real-time.

Note: By default it will show Registry activity, File System activity, Network activity, and Process and Thread activity. You can filter out all activities except Registry activity so that it becomes easy to track changes in registry. To red circle in the screenshot below shows where you can filter out other activities.


Run process monitor and install the trial software. Now find which key the software has added or modified, and note down the name and path of the key. Once your software trial period has expired, you can revert back the changes and uninstall the software.

Now when you will reinstall the software, it won’t find any key in the registry which means it will install normally like if it is installing for the first time.

Alternatively,you can also try using  Little Registry Cleaner for cleaning up invalid/broken registry items, in this way it can clean up all traces of a program.