Pre-Installed Mac OSx lion 10.7.2 (retail version) for windows 7 on VMware

Finally after loads of finding on internet we have landed up with a good solution to run Mac OSx Lion 10.7.2 (retail version) on your windows 7 machine on VMware. It is preferable to have 8 GB of total RAM to use Mac OS on VMware, that way both OS can run parallely. Moreover, you can install and run xcode on this version of Mac OS.

Download Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 pre-installed VMware Workstation 8 image for Windows PC:
Download the PDF which contains all the links and links to everything on this site:
If you do not have filesonic premier account, then get one here
Change log Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 VMware pre-installed :
1- Clean Mac OS X Lion FINAL 10.7.2
2- NOPASSWORDNEEDED!!! For sudo commands make your own password
3- Installed iPhoto 9.2 beta 3 (you can use the Photo stream function with iDevices)
4- Installed iTunes 10.5.8
5- Installed iCloud beta 10
6- Installed java for Mac OS X lion
7- Flash Player is working on Safari
8- Added extra display resolution
Use WinRAR and then extract the folder to wherever you want but make sure u have at least 20 GB or more place on your hard drive.
How to Patch VMware Workstation 8.0.1 and start using Mac OS X Lion (follow these steps):
In order to get Mac OS X Lion working on Windows PC that has VMware Workstation 8 installed you need to patch some files. To get it working please follow these steps in order to have a successful patch. So follow these steps carefully make no mistake and read every step and do exactly what it says

1) First Download the READ ME file and read it it contains all the instructions and download links :
2) Download the PDF file which contains all the newest and updated links for download:
Download the PDF which contains all the links and links to everything on this site:
3) If you have already installed VMware Workstation 7 and using Mac OS X then you must Uninstall VMware Workstation 7 first and then RESTART PCand then install VMware workstation 8 and use the patch in order to get VMware Workstation 8 working. And after that just open VMware Workstation 8 and then browse to the Mac OS X VMware that you were using and if you can’t boot or get errors then just download the Mac OS X Lion 10.7.2 pre-installed version that I have made for VMware Workstation 8 from links above.
5) In order to know if your PC is capable of virtualization and how to enable it in BIOS please download this software from Microsoft:
6) Install VMware Workstation 8(serials included) and restart PC.
7) Open task manager and then go to Processes and below at the bottom click SHOW PROCESSES FROM ALL USERS
9) Kill all vmware processes there should be 5-6 of them end all of them
10) Download the VMware workstion 8 patch (is in the folder that you have downloaded) and Put all the contains (files and folders) to C: drive or to the drive where you have installed Windows (very important these files and folders must be extracted to drive C: (bsdiff folder , bspatch.exe, Darwin.iso, Darwin.sig.iso, install.cmd,uninstall.cmd)
12) Now go to START and search for CMD and right click and run it as ADMINISTRATOR(this is very important!!) In cmd u get this windows when u use it as administrator :
14) The files will be patched and you will get message that the files are copied and patched and VMware services will start running again after the patch u get the below cmd screen if you have this then the files are patched and restart computer and then (see the picture in step 8 first !!) and then go to step 9
15) Now restart your Computer and the start VMware workstation in in VMware screen choose : Open VMware Machine
17) Browse to the drive where you have unrared and saved Mac OS X Lion folder and open it and choose mac os x lion.vmx
19) Now VMware will open Mac OS X Lion and then to edit it choose edit this virtual PC and to start it : choose power on this virtual machine.
21) In password area above don’t fill anything just put mouse cursor in password area and hit ENTER NO PASSWORD NEEDED!! and If u wants to install applications and Mac OSX asks for administration password justleave it blank and hit OK button NO PASSWORD NEEDED!!!
Video Tutorial: