iPhone 4S to make its debut in India on 24 Nov: Leaked

You should be able to get your hands on an iPhone 4S in India on November 24th, says BGR, who have had a knack of predicting Apple’s India-related launches in the past.

News is that it will not be getting any cheaper, with the 8GB iPhone 4 retailing for around Rs 30,000.

The pricing is expected to be more or less in line with prevailing exchange rates. For unlocked iPhones, the 3GS starts at $375, and goes up to $849. Add a safe $50 markup for tax and duties to the $549 iPhone 4, and you’d arrive at a figure close to Rs 30,000.

As per their current pricing structure, you’re looking at a minimum $100 markup for every incremental iPhone in the line-up. Also, you shouldn’t be surprised when the present 16 and 32GB versions go out of stock soon. So if you plan to buy one in that size, now is a good time.