iPhone 4S rip off courtesy iFixit

The folks over at iFixit cant refrain from their antic and this time around they ripped the Jesus phone before it reached out to people. They have a humorously documented rip down of the new “Siri” laden smartphone. A looksie i promise will bring a smile to your face follow the link below!

iPhone 4S torn down
iPhone 4S torn down

The findings are not too shocking with the same 512MB of Ram Courtesy Samsung/Elpida (both DDR2), and the following chips:

  • Qualcomm RTR8605 Multi-band/mode RF Transceiver.
  • Skyworks 77464-20 Load-Insensitive Power Amplifier (LIPA®) module developed for WCDMA applications)
  • Avago ACPM-7181 Power Amplifier
  • TriQuint TQM9M9030 Multi-Mode Quad-Band Power Amplifier Module.
  • TriQuint TQM66052 (possibly a PA-Duplexer Module)
  • Qualcomm MDM6610 chipset (an upgrade from the iPhone 4′s MDM6600)
  • Apple 338S0973, newer version of the Cirrus Logic audio codec found in the original iPhone 4
  •  ”PM8028,” which is a Qualcomm power management IC.