Facebook 4 got loads of rollout issues and criticism from people

You’d think so after seeing all the bug reports. Ah, perhaps Facebook should have waited even longer to release the app supporting iPad. If not for how long people waited for this version, someone could accuse Facebook of rushing the new iOS app out the door. Scratch that, the app can’t possibly be ready.

Less than 24 hours has passed since Facebook 4 for iOS appeared on Apple’s App Store. The number of 1-star ratings and complaints about crashes and other problems is staggering. They go on and on and on. The majority are similar.

  Kawasaki10 one-stars the app and gripes: “With the new update it won’t load up the sign-in page”. After giving the app     5 stars, carloc24 gripes: “Doesn’t work for the iPad! It keeps on crashing whne I try to use it!”

  “Every update I get for this fuggin app it gets worse”, Destortion complains. “After the latest one the damn thing won’t      even open — just sits there and load”. Problems opening the app by far rank among the most common complaints        about Facebook 4 for iOS.


Matt Arguin writes:

Get it together, Facebook. You’d think a major company would be able to produce a good app. Apparently not. I’ll give you this: in the 4.0 version, it looks good. Heck, it looks awesome. Great UI decisions and purposeful navigation. BUT (and this is a big BUT here, folks), it’s generally awful. It takes forever to load, is laggy and full of busg and crashes. For instance, I have two navigation bars, both work. Navigating between items in the slide-out menu doesn’t work and causes the app to freeze or crash. I don’t get it. Focus on your code, Facebook.

Facebook user agriffith96 “downloaded the new app. It crashed and never loaded. Deleted the app and redownloaded. Got halfway downloaded and got stuck. Power cycled the iPhone. Now it’s hung on the Apple log. APP FAIL!”

Isuldur2 calls the app “useless. Just when you think Facebook can’t get any worse, they do!” Two2olives writes: “The app locked up the iPhone when launched — completely locked up, as in ‘hit the power button and home button restart the phone’. I had to uninstall and reinstall the app”.

Rosas9rojas: “This has to be the worst update ever!”

So, I’ve got ask: How is Facebook 4 for iOS working out for you?