Windows 8 powered tablet to be launched by Samsung

Samsung Electronics and Microsoft may be showing off a tablet powered by Windows 8 next week.

The Inquirer, citing a Korea Economic Daily report, said the tablet would be revealed at a Microsoft’s Build developers’ conference in Anaheim, Calif. The report said the tablet marks Samsung’s first collaboration with Microsoft for its hardware devices.

Representatives from Microsoft and Samsung weren’t immediately available to comment to CNET on the report.

Samsung windows 8 tablet
Samsung windows 8 tablet

Windows 8 is the next version of Microsoft’s long-running desktop operating system series. But the upcoming version is expected to be more touch-centric and run on both computers and tablets. It gets many of its influences from the tile design of Windows Phone 7, which launched in November.

Samsung, meanwhile, could be looking for an alternative operating system to power its tablets. The company faces a litigation battle with Apple over its Galaxy Tab tablets, and could be looking to reduce its reliance on Google’s software.