Google’s Nexus Prime: A Next-gen Android handset

Yes, you heard right – Android’s Ice Cream Sandwich build is going to debut on a new handset titled the Google Nexus Prime, in an attempt to return the Nexus to the glory it had hoped for originally.

Okay, it’s not a hard challenge for Google given that who gets Android first is largely its choice, but given that it’s made by Samsung, an Apple rival whose competition for the Tablet Throne has been somewhat intensified given the recent injunction on Galaxy Tab sales in Germany, this could be a power play to help increase Android’s market share even further.

Google Nexus Prime
Google Nexus Prime

Android has a major advantage over iOS, in that it’s not limited to a small range of handsets. In fact, most modern smartphones are running a version of Android, and this allows Google to reach even further into the Apple userbase to tempt people away from a platform that may offer more apps, but is very expensive and devoid of Flash capability.

Whether you value your phone for business, logging onto or app development, it’s likely that you’ll own one of the two platforms, if not both. It’s a win-win for those also on Android, and hopefully we’ll see the OS develop to the point that it can boast the same app range as Apple’s App Store, although this is a fairly ambitious goal.

If you’re not keen on owning a Nexus Prime, however, then fear not – there’ll soon be a range of phones boasting the ability to use Ice Cream Sandwich, and Google are working with the community to ensure that everyone gets their hands on it regardless of phone model, age, or carrier.

All that remains is to review the Nexus Prime itself – although given Google’s recent acquisition of Motorola Mobility, it’s likely that the tech we’ll be seeing will be impressive, to say the least.