English version of Alibaba’s mobile OS launch expected this month

The English version of the mobile operating system from the Alibaba group is expected to be launched this month itself,Reuters reported quoting Wang Jian, Alibaba Group’s chief architect and president of Alibaba Cloud Computing. The company is also in talks with mobile handset and tablet makers for hardware for its mobile operating system.

“Eventually all our services will be delivered on mobile. People will spend less time in front of their computer screens and more time in front of their smartphones,” Wang said.

Alibaba Mobile OS
Alibaba Mobile OS

Alibaba launched its first mobile operating system in late July, in an attempt to gather some market share of the expanding mobile Internet market.

“Mobile users want a more open and convenient mobile OS, one that allows them to truly enjoy all that the Internet has to offer right in the palm of their hand, and the cloud OS, with its use of cloud-based applications, will provide that,” said Wang Jian, president of Alibaba Cloud Computing at the time of the launch of mobile operating system in July.

The company is also planning to launch a tablet PC within two months which will run a proprietary operating system.