Dell to manufacture Tablets and Phones in Partnership with Baidu

China’s top searring with Dell to launch a line of mobile phones and tablets in the country.

Dell would be competing with companies like Apple and Lenovo that dominate China’s market of 900 million mobile subscriber. But analysts are skeptical that Dell could take away a significant share from either of these companies.

“I suspect this is just Dell, who has a lot of problems on the mobile and tablet front, grasping at straws to get any kind of publicity that it can to make its product more attractive,” Michael Clendenin, managing director of technology consultancy at RedTech Advisors, told Reuters. “Ultimately in China, I still think it is Apple’s game, still for the iPad and iPhone.”

Baidu launched its own Android-based platform, Baidu Yi, last week. It gave a look at the forthcoming system and said it already had partnerships in the works with Dell and other device makers.

Dell did not respond to a request for comment on the report, but Reuters claims these devices could roll out by November, at the earliest.

In China, Dell’s sales increased 22 percent in the first quarter, according to Reuters. A partnership Baidu could help Dell secure a stronger presence in the country.

“Dell has got nothing to lose,” Gartner research director Sandy Shen told Reuters. “They don’t have a big mobile presence so by partnering Baidu, they will probably get some momentum for their mobile products.”

Apple, on the other hand, has a strong foothold in China. In Apple’s July earnings report, then-COO Tim Cook said China was “very key” to Apple’s record-breaking quarterly results. Apple’s sales in China have increased by more than six times and have generated $8.8 billion for Apple in the last year.