Set custom phone ringtone and SMS notification tone on Samsung Galaxy S2

As soon as you get your new Galaxy S2 , you might have wanted to switch to your custom ringtones.

Here are below few tips on how to do it.

For setting custom ringtone:

Go into the Music player on the phone and press and hold on the Mp3 you want to set as your ringtone, Choose Set as and then choose from one of the 3 options Phone ringtone, Caller Ringtone and Alarm tone.


Music Player Samsung Galaxy S2
Music Player Samsung Galaxy S2

For setting custom SMS notification sound:

One of your applications is a file browser called MyFiles. Open it and navigate to /sdcard/media. if you don’t then have and audio folder: create it. Then inside that create another folder called notifications. put everything you want as tones in the folder. By either copying or moving them there.

Enjoy and have a nice day!