Top Free and Useful Android Apps for your smartphone

With number of Android handsets rising day to day and developers started contributing more towards Android Marketplace, we are seeing loads of useful android apps these days. Android applications are indeed unique in its design and functioning. If you are addicted to work on the android apps, then it would be difficult for you to move on to any other handset.

Android market has over 4, 25,000 apps, most of which are available free of cost. A good reason to leap into android – for this privilege is quite limited to iPhones. The Android Market sees nearly 5 million apps downloaded everyday, but if you were scouting for the best apps here are our top 10 picks:

Google Maps: Google map is definitely a must. If you have this app in your mobile then, you can go anywhere and everywhere, without fear of losing your way.

Advanced task killer: Advanced task killer in another good app that saves the battery of your phone. You must be wondering how? Through this app you can delete all the apps with a one click which are running on the background, thereby consuming battery life. Isn’t that amazing?

Dropbox: Dropbox maintains your files on cloud, which means you can take your photos, videos, files and other documents on the go.

Youtube: Forget the web browser, tune into watch all videos using this app directly now.

NetQuin Antivirus: Afraid of the viruses, Malware and Spyware? Fear no more, simple install NetQuin antivirus in your mobile and protect your phone against all evil eyes.

Adobe Reader: It’s one of the best software to read the PDF documents. It opens files very quickly and gives you a high quality picture.

Gtalk: Chatting is very easy if you have a Gtalk installed in your mobile. No logins or sign -ins make chatting all the more hassle free.

Angry birds: Angry birds needs no introduction, plucking away the crazy birds, is no ordinary game. It’s not without a reason they say there is a method to the madness.

Gmail: Install Gmail apps and stay connected with your friends and family anywhere and everywhere.

Seesmic app: Social networking sites are quite difficult to operate through mobile web browsers, because of the small display size.  it doesn’t show everything clearly, but if you have installed the Seesmic app in your mobile then you can easily operate these social networking sites with eases. A pop-up message is displayed on your mobile screen when your friends post on your account.