Google Plus: A story of Facebook’s rise over Google’s monopoly

There is loads of buzz around the Google Plus ever since it’s been launched. And nevertheless to say that , Google again followed the same strategy of making things secret, by allowing access to its newly launched Google Plus,  with just invites.

Why Again a Social Network?

So why do you think that Google have added one more social networking project into its product line when it already has Orkut? Answer is simple, a majority of Google’s revenue comes from advertising, despite having loads of successful products like Youtube, Google Search and much more, it faces head on competition from the social networking Czar (Facebook). Ever since Facebook has started promoting and monetizing there product properly, the advertisers seems to be more keen on spending on Facebook.

Is Facebook becoming a real threat in advertising space?

There is a huge scope and opportunity for advertising in social networking space. Reason being, it becomes an instant it , if it is channelized well. According to report, in May average pageviews served by Facebook were is 152.7 million compared to 180 million in total from all Google Products. Also, the average time spend on Facebook is 375 minutes than 245 minutes on Google based products. The difference is clear and crisp, users like to spend more time on social networking. Moreover, it is easier for an advertiser to choose its ads spending based on Geography, Age, Gender and interests.

Google Plus
Google Plus

Facebook Vs Google Vs Microsoft Vs Apple

From all the news we here now a days, all the 4 big shots make it happening around in the tug of war. Earlier it was Google Vs Microsoft wherein Google was consistently launching the anti-microsoft products with free offerings. Then it become Google Vs Apple where Google aimed at iPhone sales launching its Android OS. And now, its Facebook taking on with Google , which is hurting Google badly , as it major driver of income is been badly hit by rise of the social networking.

Is it too late for Google?

Despite Google’s attempt to launch Google plus to revamp the way of  doing social networking, we believe that it has got too late to make it happen now. Facebook is there to sustain, and users generally prefer shifting social network every now and then unless they get some serious thing happening around. Also, the way Facebook is designed, users have got so use to it. It has got all the intelligence to make it more usable every time someone uses it.

Let’s just hope that we something out of box this time from Google to shake the social networking world.