After Samsung walkout, Apple hits back hard

After Samsung taking off its case on Apple over patent suite, Apple have came back and hit hard on Samsung. Last week Samsung went to the International Trade Commission to try to ban the import of Apple’s phones into the US. In response Apple has now tried to stop the sale of four specified Samsung handsets on claims that they infringe Apple patents.

Jobs’s boys went to court on Friday to seek an injunction to stop sales of Infuse 4G, Galaxy S 4G, Droid Charge and Galaxy Tab 10.1.

The case seems to centre on user interfaces – Florian Mueller has more, and scans of the actual documents.

By aiming for a prelimary injunction – which can be decided relatively quickly – Apple either believes the court can decide on the issues quite fast, or that Samsung will blink and settle before its US sales are damaged.

Apple Vs Samsung
Apple Vs Samsung

Apple claims to have tried to negotiate with Samsung to change the “unique and refined ‘Apple Look'” … which it claims Samsung snaffled for its Galaxy Tabs.

Apple is also using media coverage that notes the “striking similarity” between Samsung’s interface and that of Apple.

Samsung is making similar patent claims in court in England, as well as with the ITC.