Youtube now partnering with Bollywood

Interestingly, things which put asides Google with the competition is out of box and innovative thinking. There ideas are been totally based on there organic strength of earning revenues (i.e ads). We have seen loads of open source technology been made available by Google for which Apple and Microsoft make billions of dollar’s. But when it comes to Google , you can afford to have the luxury of technology in a affordable fashion.

Another example of this is Youtube partnering with Bollywood to showcase  blockbuster movies into its video streaming space. Although the page will comprise advertisement to generate revenue from the premium content. Google already seems to rope in Intel for its initial list of sponsors. It will be featuring Yash Raj Production movie “Band Baja Baraat” into it bollywood blockbuster streaming channel.

Also, to take it to the next level, Youtube marketing team is been talking to popular banners in bollywood industry like Yash Raj Films are been taken into consideration to publish there premium content to Youtube on revenue sharing basis. A big advantage for this will be a validation check on piracy of movies and for filmmakers, it will add a new paradigm for the source of money.  Apparently, there have loads of pirated movies been published to Youtube every minute without been getting checked. This initiative will help film makers to get real value for there money.

It also means that you can watch a movie first day first show in near future very soon and that too in High Definition without waiting in queues. Youtube seems to be repeating its success after the recent IPL live streaming initiative.