Viral Video Marketing Techniques

Ever thought why there is so much of a buzz about video marketing? If not, let me explain it to you. Ever single minute youtube gets a 48 hours long videos into its website. Average visibility and viewership of the Youtube and other video networks like Metacafe, Dailymotion, Vimeo is close to 1.5 billion per day with Youtube contributing 1.2 billion alone.

So whats the catch here? Are you tired of uploading your videos to all these networks? Ever wanted a single network to do it all alone for you? Then we have found out 2 great solutions for you:

TubeMogul: It is a multiple video uploading platform, which uploads you videos to multiple video sites. To use there free service you video should be non commercial. Else you can see there pricing chart to upload videos to different networks. It is a one click platform to promote your videos virally over internet. What more you can track and see the approval staus and statistics of your uploaded videos from the TubeMogul dashboard.

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Hey Spread: Just like TubeMogul , HeySpread is also a mass video promotion platform. You can visit them to check there pricing using this link.

In our next series of discussion in this regard, we will talk more about Youtube Video Marketing. Till then enjoy reading other stuff on our blog!