Using other SIP providers with Fring

As you all might know that Fring is  a popular and free iPhone/Android application which is used by many people for internet calling or voice chat or for other socialization purposes. Many of you have found out other SIP (VOIP providers having SIP services) providers whose rates are cheaper than that of Fring. So, loads of people may want to know how to configure there SIP providers details in Fring to make calls through there SIP account.

This is only required when you don’t have a client which is install-able in iPhone or Android by provides SIP services. Below are the steps you need to follow:

1) Download and Install Fring from App Store or Android MarketPlace

2) Register your self with Fring to get your Fring id

3) Register with your SIP provider and get the SIP details to configure in Fring

4) Open and login to Fring messenger after launching the application.

5) Goto More Tab and Click on Add-ons

6) Click on SIP . You will see a standard list of available SIP providers.

7) If you do not find your SIP provider in the list Press others

8) Configure the details as provided by your SIP provider and Press Login.

Fring SIP
Fring SIP

Once it gets successfully connected , you can enjoy making calls from your SIP account using fring.