The iCloud: Will it fail this time for Apple?

Recently, Apple has presented its urge to go the cloud way in order to meet high end users requirement. But there are fallen traps in the approach and segment which Apple may want to target. Not just the idea was a big breaking news for media but it also calls for a reasonable amount of criticism from the people around the globe on web.


Few of the limitations of cloud technology are listed below:


No music streaming: A great downfall for the cloud technology is no live music streaming. Meaning you have to download your music to your iPhone, iPad or iPod first and then listen to it. Also, you won’t be able to choose from your own handpicked collection.


Your own music: The whole big idea of the intellectual property is on stake here. You may just need to wait and watch before the file format for the music to download changes in the cloud. Who knows you may require to download it back with a price.


Limited Storage Space: Since most of the part in iCloud architecture will be on cloud , hence you may not require to store it own your local hardware, the cloud will recognize it and let you download the same. However, if the request is not found on the cloud then you may need to upload it yourself and then listen to it.


No video Streaming Or TV: This might be a turn-off for many people since visual media is quite popular on smart devices. Missing out on videos and TV streaming may let the idea be down hitting. People have to download/ upload content in full before making it re-usable.


Privacy: After loads of recent privacy issues with Facebook, Playstation and other media, this might again catch the eyeballs to the section of society. Putting personal things on cloud may lead to security threats of user specific data been hacked by hackers.

It might be just another downfall for Apple: Apple has tried this concept in past and fallen face-first as things did not fall into place as they would have liked. But who knows after getting such high valued and trustworthy user base. This time Apple might make it a revolution.


Even though there are critics to cloud technology but in longer term it have advantages in terms of limiting hardware costs and material to manufacture a device thereby leading to a much greener world at some stage later. So, the concept of re-using the same data at multiple places is in fact a good approach towards it!