Making money with simple affiliate marketing

After seeing loads of threads talking about adsense marketing, which is fine if you are looking for a lot of work for a little payout.
When I start clients off in my consulting business and they need quick startup cash, to prove I’m serious and want them to get a good foundation, I always recommend the ‘ too good to be true – because it really is that simple and easy ‘ method of affiliate marketing product promotions.

The thing is that people have to remember a few simple rules to make this all work.


1. Research your product and your target traffic source.

You do this by doing the following:

Check clickbank, amazon and google trends for the top selling affiliate products they have to offer. Be sure and pay attention to who is buying, why they are buying by understanding the product and then you will understand why someone would buy that product.


Then, once you know what the product is/does.You are on to the next point of checking the niche market keywords and traffic results of the top10 sites in those natural searches. Check the on for their backlinks, check them in and for their adsense/adword statistics and their actual search traffic results through the site. This research will tell you if they are their because they are selling/getting traffic or if they are infact just good at seo/backlinking/article posting.

Do the same for the top source sales pages for the products you have interest in promoting and find out if they are\really pushing sales or simply affiliate traffic.


2. Pay attention to the type of traffic that will buy this product offer from you.
You have to know what type of person you are promoting this offer to and where they are coming from and why they are interested in it or not. Don’t waste your time spamming everyone…make contact and let them know who you are and what you are about.

They will love to tell you what they are interested in, as people love talking about themselves and feel that ‘ false celebrity ‘ sensation.


3. Be professional and if they don’t accept your offer or they want a refund, by all means give it to them and then remove them from your list, as they are in one of the following mental states in their life currently:

* They don’t know what they really want/uncommitted to taking action, which means they grab at everything on impulse.
* They are a refund bunny and bounce around grabbing/swiping every product they can, looking for that magic bullet solution.
* They sincerely aren’t interested, which is completely fine.


What people fail to take away from this is that all of the mindsets are perfect feedback data, as every ‘ no ‘ is a profile of who your desired customer is NOT.


Use this information and target products to people that are actually looking for them and follow up with MAKING SURE THEY ACTUALLY USE THE THING. The more productive/progressive you make the client, the more money you get from them, as they are making money to BUY MORE STUFF from you.


Now, the easiest and most overlooked method in making money online is with affiliate marketing. Obviously, people think it is too easy to work, doesn’t work because they don’t know the above rules are applied or that they simply think it doesn’t make any money. Don’t assume the worst when you can have the best by simply trying/testing for yourself.


The method

Follow the rules of researching your product and desired target traffic to that product.
Get yourself a website, preferrably a REAL domain, with a real merchant account but a free site/blog and paypal will work for starting out if you are tight on your budget.

Build yourself a string of 12 or so plr/mmr or clickbank products that you have investigated/tested and promote them in their target niches.

IF you need leads and don’t want to mess with seo of a website, get affiliate links from cb and spend a few bucks on a couple of cheap solo ads, targeting your niche as the interest choice of the list leads you are submitted to.
It is very simple and builds up seriously quick income in a couple of days if you are quick and stay on top of it.

That’s it. It really is that easy. Test it for yourself and see what you get. I would love to see people test and post their results here. If you have any questions on the topic, feel free to ask and I’ll be more than happy to answer them for you.Keep in mind, just because I don’t use clickbank currently, doesn’t mean I haven’t studied it in depth.
Best of luck with your ventures.