Make money using adsense on auto pilot: A free guide

Here’s how it works broken down into a few simple steps:
– Find a highly popular proxy website

– Register a domain name that’s similar in keywords and get good proxy hosting

– Add Adsense

– Get links and total SEO

So first we go about finding a highly popular website. The best way to do that is to pick a popular search from Google keyword tool and see which sites are ranking the highest.

Adsense Money
Adsense Money

Let’s do that together now:

Searrch Word or phrase: proxy
Let’s click on ‘Global Monthly Searches’ to get the keywords in order of most searched. Here’s some of the top results (keyword, global monthly searches, local monthly searches):

proxy 20,400,000 4,090,000

proxy list 2,740,000 246,000

list proxy 2,740,000 246,000

proxies 1,220,000 450,000

free proxy list 1,220,000 49,500

anonymous proxy 1,000,000 135,000

proxy anonymous 1,000,000 135,000

web proxy 673,000 135,000

free anonymous proxy 673,000 22,200

socks proxy 246,000 165,000

ip proxy 246,000 40,500

proxy bypass 201,000 60,500

online proxy 201,000 22,200

unblock proxy 201,000

free proxy server 201,000 49,500
There are many more good ones to research that have fewer monthly searches but still are worth targeting. Let’s choose the keyword phrase “unblock proxy” just to show you how it works.
Here are the top three sites:

As I looked at these, edilly seems a brandable name. Let’s go back to the Keyword tool and see how many searches it gets directly:

edilly – 2,400 – 590

That’s actually not worth ignoring. That means that people who used the general search remembered that proxy and search for it directly. We can piggy back on their hard work by appearing for those results with potentially very little work. Let’s see the results on those searches. What do we see? Nothing but non-proxy sites that are talking about
So this is an easy one to pick up. Let’s register a domain name with edilly in it. What do we see available? TAKEN AVAILABLE New .cm AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE AVAILABLE

So we choose one of those, I recommend the .org or the .info.

Where do we host? PHP Proxy host. $3 monthly for one proxy site, a little more once you have more, but start small. Our total investment for the first month is already as much as $13 (or just $6 if you got the .info, which is actually fine)

Use a proxy script that allows you to put your adsense all over it. Now, many proxy sites show a frame on the visited page. This is not usually the kind of place Google likes you to put an ad, so I recommend only on the main page and put something like a CPA ad in the frame. You can try Adsense in the frame and you will make more money but you risk being banned.It is not that hard to earn money WITHOUT Adsense in the frame, so you see it isn’t absolutely necessary.

Once the site is set up, where do we get links? I used the following for this proxy:

– Social bookmarks

– Forums- Blogs

– Exchanges with other proxy sites
Links you could use that I didn’t:

– Articles

– Directories

– Web 2.0 content sites like Squidoo

And that’s how it’s done. You might earn $90 a month using this method, which  isn’t a salary, but build 10 sites like that and the money starts to get interesting. It comes easily without effort once you’re set, and you can see that the amount of work it takes to do is so little that it can be done in 1 day, 2 or 3 for building links.