HTC Flyer selling at hot price tag in India

We recently just found at the popular mobiles and tablets selling website that HTC Flyer is selling at a steep price of around Rs 37000 in India.However , we could see the retail price in one of the Singapore best price online shop as equivalent to Rs 27000. Whoops!! that’s a Rs 10000 difference. What more , the price is for 3G 32 GB model and that too with standard HTC 1 Year warranty. And this is just retail selling price, if you want global shipping you can get wholesale rates too from Meaning more savings.

The prices were compared through and, both of them are reliable sites from a long time. is a price comparison site, which provides the least prices available for different smartphones and tablets in India among the popular electronics selling sites. is a popular website to buy smartphones and mobiles at cheapest rates in Singapore. They offer best in market price.

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So, If you are still looking for a cheaper price tag get it from someone who is coming from Singapore to India.