Free XML flash product showcase

Want to showcase your products in front of the audience? Want it to be flashy ? Then this small flash application is for you. It is easily customization from the XML , so you don’t need to know Flash at all.
The application will run on Flash 7 and later without any problems.Just modify the path in the XML file and you product will be up and running.
Note: Image size should be within range 90×90 – 113×140.Image should be transparent background in .png format.

Flash XML Showcase Gallery:

Download: Flash XML Showcase Gallery

Steps to configure:

1) Open the images.xml file. You will see the below configuration.

2) Remove/Add the image by changing the image name between <image> </image> tags.

ex: Before: Png/City Colour.png

After: Png/new_img.png

Note: This should be the name of the image in the Png folder

3) Change the image title under <caption> </caption> tags.

4) Goto Png folder and paste your refined png images with transparent background.

5) Run xmlshowcase.swf and see the changes reflected.

Note: Please make sure that the folder structure is intact as downloaded

If you need any customization or integration, please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to do it for you for a small integration/customization fees.