Are you loosing your affiliate commissions?

Are you using wordpress and worried about seeing the downtrend of your affiliate commissions? Then we have a remedy for you. There is a free wordpress plugin for you called cookiefire.

Basically, it is yet another cookie stuffing plugins to stuff your visitors with the a cookie in their machine. It helps in earning you commission if the visitor visits the same site back again but without your affiliate link.

Also, it has advance feature to support link cloaking.  Most of the visitors these days, when sees affiliate links, tends not to click on them. Using the link cloaking feature, it gives an impression to visitors that link is from your website only.


So, if you are still waiting for or searching for a WordPress plugin to boost your lost affiliate commissions, then you must try CookieFire. It is easy to use, easy to upload and works with WP blogs and posts.