Acer, Intel re-engineering laptop with introduction of Ultrabook

With the rising sales of tablets and android tablets wars, Acer & Intel to decided to rope in itself in the big money game.

So, what is an Ultrabook?

It is nothing but a laptop without a keyboard to make it as thin as possible & portable to standby an iPad or aPad. So, what will be the impact on market? As expected, Apple will remain undisputed in this segment due to its user friendly GUI and a equally good supported hardware. The concept of an Ultrabook is already withhold by Apple in the form of MacBook Air.

Of late,  two of the leading manufacturers of netbooks (Acer, Intel)  disclosed there plans to launch Ultrabook sooner to revive there lost sales due to ever increasing share of tablets. Acer has already revealed breakthrough designs for Android tablets this year, to get back the company cash flows once again.

The Ultrabook (think: MacBook Air and upcoming refresh):

  • Design: Two to three pounds.Really thin. Under 0.8 inches.
  • Instant-on: Like a tablet, turns on instantly from standby mode.
  • Flash storage: Speedy solid-state drives or magnetic disk with ancillary flash storage.
  • Fast chips: No older (slower) Intel chips here. Sandy Bridge now, next-gen Ivy Bridge later.
  • Updated ports: Either Thunderbolt or USB 3.0.
  • 3G/4G: built-in 3G or 4G connections will likely be offered on many Ultrabooks.
  • Battery: relatively long battery life. Price: Under $1000 (barely), like the $999 MacBook Air. Prices will come down more next year.
MacBook Air
MacBook Air