Upgrade your Terminal !

Who’s bored of the same plain old terminal window like we are? It does what every terminal does but I personally would love to have more classification in the window. More pazaazz.. basically just a prettier face to look at!


This is what an ordinary terminal looks like


Everything’s just plain bland. You can always add prettier colors from the Preferences Menu but that would only change the background and the font color.


What I’m about to propose is to add a whole new level of functionality to the terminal. Not only, will you add colors but meaning as well. Each color in the terminal will represent a different type of file or directory or command. For those of use familiar and habituated to the Notepad++ or TextMate’s style of presentation, this would be a much needed convenience.


So lets begin.


1) Open your terminal window. Go to your Home directory with the command

cd ~  (thats cd then the tilde symbol located above your tab key)

2) edit your profile file like edit .profile. If the file exists it will open it in an editor; if it doesn’t it’ll create an empty file with the name .profile and you can edit it freely.


3) Paste the following code in the .profile file(anywhere you like)


export CLICOLOR=1

export LSCOLORS=gxBxhxDxfxhxhxhxhxcxcx

# Customizing the Terminal Prompt

NM=”\[\033[0;38m\]” #means no background and white lines

HI=”\[\033[0;37m\]” #change this for letter colors

HII=”\[\033[0;31m\]” #change this for letter colors

SI=”\[\033[0;33m\]” #this is for the current directory




export PS1=”$NM[ $HI\u $HII\h $SI\w$NM ] $IN”

4) Save the file and you’re done. Quit the Terminal and open up a new window.


And this is what it looks like.


Happy Coding!