Top 10 Best Free all time iPhone, iPad and iPod games

Just collected  top 10 best free iPhone/iPad/iPod games. These are totally free and you can download them from App store anytime.

1) CubeRunner

This game is basic your flying a little paper like plan through cubes all over this flat area. It sounds simple. Yet it is so addictive i find myself always playing it no matter if i am bored or if i have work to do, I’ll find a way to play it.

It also sports landscape mode.
It comes in portrait mode but by pushing the information button you can switch. I find portrait mode the best you can lay in your lap with left hand on left side of ipod and right on right tilting it.

The object of the game is to get the highest score by flying past the cubes and not hitting one. i have so for got 390 score.

It has what i call zones. zone 1 starts a score 0 and ends around score 100 and then zone 2 ends at around 160 and zone 3 starts at 160 and ends about 220 then you enter what i call the matrix zone everything green and see through grids.

As seen in one of the pictures. you can also download packs to use for it {im guessing they will release new packs or let you build your own and then link it up kinda like iphysics}

2) Dactyl

Dactyl’s simple premise makes it a game that’ll have you completely gripped for the short bursts of time that you spend on it. It’s effectively Whack-A-Mole but with bombs, which you have to tap to defuse.The bombs light up at a quick but steady pace, meaning that with a bit of practice you can get into a trance-like state as you rhythmically tap away at the screen. The pace and intensity of Dactyl means that you can’t spend more than 5 minutes at a time playing it, but it provides a lot of fun in that time.

3) Papijump

PapiJump’s main character, the appropriately named Mr. Papi, is a red ball with a face that loves to bounce on platforms. Your job is to make sure he keeps bouncing by tilting the iPhone (held vertically) left and right. The higher you go, the more points you score. If Mr. Papi plummets to his doom, you lose.

4) Trace

Trace is a platform game for the iPhone and iPod Touch that puts you in control of your environment. In this game, you need to travel from your starting point all the way to the goal by drawing a path for you to travel along. This create your own plat former is really unique and addicting as well. The first few levels of the game are used as a tutorial. Basically, you control this little stick figure’s movement left and right across the map. You’ll need to draw platforms and paths for your stick figure to travel over in order to get to the end goal. If you get stuck, you can always double-tap the retry or back button. The game features six different worlds with 120 levels and a completely original soundtrack.

5) MazeFinger

Penetrate a seemingly endless collection of challenging mazes and race to the exit before your energy runs out! MazeFinger showcases the visual power of your iPhone & iPod Touch with incredible special effects that blanket the screen with explosive energy.

6) Live Poker

One of the most addicting games people play on their computers or with friends is poker. Whether you’re using real money or just playing for fun on a variety of free websites, it seems like people always have time for a game or two. Live Poker from developer Zynga, is a free application for the iPhone that lets you play online against real users using play money.

7) Tap Defense

Tap Defense, the first definitive answer to the other paid TD apps, has recently hit the top 3 free apps. Tap Defense pits you against the beings of the underworld with only your trusty towers to defend the gates of heaven. In addition to money, which when unspent accrues interest at the end of every round, you also gain Halos at the end of specific rounds. They can be used to upgrade your interest rate on money or to buy new types of towers. It also offers 3 different maps to try, ranging from easy to hard.

8) Paper Toss

This game has been great to play and I’m glad I found it sitting at the top of the app store. I say that because it belongs there and should  be downloaded by everyone. The game is called Paper Toss, and like the name says you toss (actually it’s more like flick, not toss on the iPhone) paper into a trash can at 3 different distances away. Closest is obviously easiest, medium puts the can in the middle, and the hardest level puts the trash can as far away as it can go. The setting of Paper Toss is in an office, with the developers saying that this is often a game played by many in an office setting.

9) JellyCar

Jellycar is a game where you control a squishy, magically-expanding car through several different levels of physics-based gameplay. It started life on the Xbox 360, and now it’s available as a free iPhone/iPod Touch game through the iTunes App Store. The iPhone is the perfect platform for Jellycar, because it’s just plain fun to use the touchscreen “pinching” motion and the accelerometer to control your car.

10) Tap Tap Revenge

Tap Tap Revenge is a music game that puts your dexterity to the test. It’s similar to Guitar Hero but with tapping. Loads of fun! You can download additional tracks into the game and it has different hardness levels.