Remove Watermark From ShutterStock Images

I found this post in spanish so here by i am converting that tutorial in English.This tutorial shows how to Remove Watermark From ShutterStock Images from some web designing tools like Photoshop.

Actual Tutorial: Link (spanish version)

It was today in the agency doing a sketch when I realized that needed a photo for the model of the place that was designing, I sought inside the images of our bank of images, but nothing served so I had to begin to seek in ShutterStock (lease photos place) we generally buy photos in that place for some projects, but this time only needed a photo for the (if the client approves is bought it the photo) nevertheless ShutterStock does not withdraw the watermarks in the previews (thing that if does for the clients the famous one ImageBank)

I began to work then with the photo with the watermark, but the truth is that had me complicated since this not so transparent mark ruined me the design. So I gave me to the task to retouch the photo to remove him the watermark, I began with the inkpad, the tie, the feather, but nothing, the photo only was remaining worse:

Suddenly an idea of how remove the watermark came itself me to the head, permit me to share it in the shape of tutorial with you:

This is the image that will be in charge of example:

How to removes to watermark 02

Also we will need this:

How to removes to watermark 03

We leave for selecting carefully the mark of Shutterstock by its contours since the image of the laptop and we carry it to the file of the cuentahilos, thus:

how to removes to watermark 04

Here is where the magic comes: Once there we will have to align the mark exactly on the original one. Then one must invest the colors of the layer of the mark for finally descend its opacity to the 50%,

How to removes to watermark 05

Et voila!! the mark has gone, instead of her now only there is a darker zone with the form of the mark, thus:

How to removes to watermark 06

Now, doing a click with CTRL on the layer of the mark we select the form of this, then we do a new layer of adjustment of Levels (this layer should be on that of the mark) and we begin to play with the values until disappearing completely the mark, thus:

How to removes to watermark 07

After some seconds treating, they will be able to disappear completely the mark, without a drop of inkpad

The result should be seemed to this:

How to removes to watermark 08

Good small, that is, them abandonment the tutorial one so that they remove him benefit, they recall to respect the rights of the photos and only to withdraw a watermark when they are working in a model, I do not want that they be put in a mess.