How to find password for the locked .rar file?

Did you downloaded a rapidshare file and got stuck with the .rar file been password locked? I myself got frustated with such files been put on the internet for some cranky stuff. In this post we will find how to get the password for such files without using any software. Yes!! Its true. Instead we will use our favorite google search to find those passwords.
So here is the step by step technique:
1)Copy the name of the file that is password locked suppose “Xara_Xtreme_Pro_v3.2.2.2228_DL.rar”
2)Go to
3)Paste this file name their.You will find many people giving the same file to many others in discussion forums.Know if someone is giving you a link in the forum most probably he will mention password if it is their or not mention if it is not their.