How to earn money with zero investment – Session 1

Today, we are going to discuss on how to start earning money online with zero investment.

Key to earn in online business is content and the way the content is exposed to the audience. Before starting anything, list down the things you like to read in your day to day life. Even though if you are not a bookworm, search for the things you like to do in your day to day activity.


Once  you search the thing to do in your day to day activity , you got successful in step 1. Now, categorize your hobby into a broader domain like chess into sports. Once done with classification next step is to start blog on the same.

Steps to start with:


Register a blogspot name that suits your hobby.

Choose a template from the selected. Normally, I prefer to change the default template, you can find the templates searching google and upload the same to your blogger.

Next step is to start writing articles on your hobby. Do research and read articles which people would like to read.

Write minimum 10-15 posts before submitting your site to search engines.

Register with google webmasters tools.

Submit your blog to the webmasters tool and follow the instructions provided in the webmasters tool to validate you blog and index it.

Now register with pay to click agencies for publishers like adbrite, bidvertisers, kontera etc and you can put there advertisement codes in your blog.

Now submit your blog to some blog directories on daily basis. (say 1 each for link building)

Do write minimum of 3 articles in a week.

Create a youtube account and upload your content as an video on youtube.  Add in description link to your blog.

Tip: You can use windows movie maker and make a video for the same.

StumbleUpon you blog to get arbitrary traffic on daily basis and do digg your blog to get some hits and traffic.

You will start seeing the results in a month’s time.