How to create con folder on windows?

We’ve always heard about lots of Windows quirks.One of the most popular ones is basically the first one you’ll hear. ” You cannot create a folder named CON in Windows!”. Well, we at Tech-Beats got tired of hearing that. We don’t like being told what we cannot do.

Here’s a simple guide a monkey can follow –

1) Goto Run (or press Windows + R)

2) Type cmd(if using XP or higher version)

3) In the command prompt write   mkdir \\.\c:\con

4) Now check yur c: drive bingo ! You got a CON folder there

5) To remove con folder write in command prompt rmdir \\.\c:\con

Note: This trick can be used for making other folders like NUM1,NUM2,LPT1 etc.

Another non genuine method is :-

make folder with name CON then hold ALT key and press 255 from NUMPAD.(ALT+255)