Highest Compression Software!

Put your 1 gb of data into 10mb,tried and tested by people ms office worth 470 mb compressed to 1.4 mb.Its true and the software name is KGB Archive.


KGB Archiver is the compression tool with an unbelievably high compression rate. Unfortunately, in spite of its powerful compression rate, it has high hardware requirements (I recommend processor with 1,5GHz clock and 256MB of RAM as an essential minimum).


One of the advantages of KGB Archiver is also AES-256 encryption which is used to encrypt the archives. This is one of the strongest encryptions known for humanThe Office 2007 portable is super-compressed to 1,4MB, use KGB to decompress itNew features in version 2:* PAQ1 – PAQ7 compression algorithms* fast encryption algorithm* file browser* wipe file function (deletes files permanently from hard drive)* Unicode language support, both for user interface and file names* and more!



Note: Best for compression video.Since compression do loose some bits of data which is foregiven in case of video.



The software may take 5-6 hours to compress gb into mb but has the highest compression rate known and is freely available.And you should have above mentioned hardware requirements also.And use sfx high compression.
Download: KGB Archive