Get free international calls using skype

Worried about your international calling bills? Want to try out a service cheaper than skype and still giving benefits and services of skype?


Then here is the solution for you. You can register with rebtel to get your Free Calls with Rebtel. Rebtel provides their services in 51 destination countries and works through your native skype itself. They also provide local access numbers and call back numbers to your local resident country.


Here is a way to receive free incoming calls on skype using rebtel. Rebtel provides a service called computer calls.


Computer Calls are great if you want to make Rebtel calls from countries where you don’t have a SIM card or where the regular Rebtel service isn’t available. You initiate the call on the Rebtel website and use your Skype client to talk. As you’re calling directly over the Internet with Rebtel, you don’t have to pay a single cent for connection fees or high per-minute rates to Skype. Only the Rebtel rate.


Computer Calls also allow you to get a local number for your friends Skype Name and call them on it from your regular phone. In addition, you can also have all incoming Rebtel calls routed to your Skype client before having them go through to your preferred mobile or land line.


Using Computer Calls To Receive Calls

With Computer Calls activated you can choose to receive incoming calls from Rebtel friends in your Skype client. In the settings menu, you can configure if you want Skype to ring for 10, 20 or 30 seconds before the call is automatically forwarded to your regular phone.


If you decide to answer the call on Skype, your friend calling only has to pay the cost for a local call. For you on the receiving end, the call is free.


Calling Friends On Their Skype Name

By adding Skype Names to your Rebtel contacts, you have the option of calling them directly on Skype. As usual, you’ll get a local Rebtel number back that you can save to your phonebook and call from your regular phone.


You only pay the cost for a local call to your carrier. The international part is free of cost.