Exposé on Magic Mouse

We all love the Apple Magic Mouse, but those of us who, like me, are accustomed to the convenient gestures of the TrackPad on your Macbook or the Magic TrackPad, feel that a lot more should be included in the Magic Mouse. But who would want to spoil that sleek exterior and smooth functionality for a few buttons. Fret not! We, at Tech-Beats have a simple and east solution to it. The name of the game is MagicPrefs.

MagicPrefs is a free menubar and preference pane application for OSX which aims to improve the functionality and configuration options of the Apple Magic Mouse, Magic Trackpad and the MacBook glass trackpad.


It features the ability to bind a variable number of finger clicks, taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures to functions like Middle Click , Hold Down Both Mouse Buttons , Spaces , Expose, Dashboard , Recent Applications, Tweet, Read Tweets, Google Reader etc.


Touch Sensitivity implements a single point control for a number of factors impacting the algorithms of the taps, swipes, pinch and other gestures.


Tracking Speed adds the ability to increase the maximum mouse speed by an extra 200%.


Also featured is a real-time display of the fingers touching the surface of the mouse that you can enable to test and monitor the way the mouse sees your input.



MagicPrefs is a application meant to run in the background all the time, it uses less than 1.5% CPU and is optimized for a minimal impact on system performance.
MagicPrefs does not install any kernel extensions not it otherwise have impact on your system while it is not running or disabled, it is not a driver per se , it just monitors the Apple multitouch driver built in OSX to get information about the touches on the mouse , stopping or disabling it totally removes any impact on the system as it stops all monitoring , as for the mouse tracking settings they are changed in real time in the os, to recover them to default values all you have to do is use the Apple mouse preference pane.




Download MagicPrefs