Effective Googling Session 2

In continuation to my previous post on effective googling, let’s begin with yet another tips and tricks to have hassle free search. Here ABSOLUTISM is the keyword. Nowadays, when we search Google for something we will get numerous irrelevant search results. The psyche behind this is SEO. As there is lots of competition and market to tap in eBiz area numerous search results are based as Selling Points rather then effective information.


So the question arises how to filter unwanted context? Answer is simple ABSOLUTISM. Always search the question in same context as arose in your mind.
For ex: How to make a flash game.
Also, in above search the stress more is on making of flash game . So the relevant searching test would be


How to “make a flash game”


Below are the screenshots differentiating between 2 searches:
Search without Quotes



Search with quotes (ABSOLUTISM). Did you notice the effective search results with/without quotes??


Have a happy day Googling!!