Effective Googling Session 1

Most of the people today need Google Search in their day to day activities, so it has become essential on how to do effective Google Search. Today, websites stand at massive billions of pages and still increasing at a rapid rate. Despite Google’s tremendous effort to provide users with valuable content and filter out spam there is still lot of junk added in the web world, which one would like to avoid to save one’s time. In this session today, we will learn how to search specific to our needs.


Let’s take an example, if you are seeking for a file or a presentation or an ebook. Then possible available file formats are txt, pdf, doc, ppt. Lot of people will go to Google and directly start there search which would lead to lot of meaningless search results.


To avoid such unwanted search results it is better to search in the following manner as stated below:


For instance if you are looking for presentation on incredible India, then  go to Google and search for the following term: ” Incredible India filetype:ppt”



We will have a next session on effective googling tomorrow see you soon till then.