Earn money online writing articles (US only)- Session 3

In continuation to series of posts for earning money online. Here is the another one in the queue but this works well for US based people only.

The basic requirements before starting this medium is to know how to write articles.  The articles can be on any subject and payment can go from $2-$15 depend on the quality of your content.

This trusted channel of income is called Associated Content. You can sign up into the site and register yourself with your Yahoo account if you have one or you can create a new one. Also, before getting started please read there submission guidelines over the quality of content and also for the up-front payment articles.

Each time you write an article you can choose an option of getting an up-front fee. But before you submit you should so the followings as given below:

1) Formatting of your content

2) Case styling

3) Proof-reading

4) Iron out all spelling and grammatical error before submission (use MS-Word)

5) Check number of words of  your article, should be minimum 250 words. (use MS-Word)

6) Don’t post hatred/racist/illegal or copyrighted  content.

Once you follow the above guidelines you are ready for submitting your post. It takes up to 10 business days to receive payments from Associated Content.  What more? You can also choose to receive unlimited performance bonus if your articles is of real high quality. So what you are waiting for?  Start sharing you knowledge and start earning money!