Chromebook – google’s response to the giants?

Google’s new notebook, named Chrome Book, is awaited to be released on June 15th. This offering by the one of the biggest organizations to dominate the Information Technology market is turning heads by the sheer simplicity of it. now the question that is on a lot of minds, could the Chrome Book be a formidable opponent to relinquish Microsoft’s hold of the world.

This notebook, running Chrome OS, is said to be the fastest device ever used to connect to the web through 3G and/or Wi-Fi. ChromeBooks are built and optimized for the web, so you get a faster, simpler and more secure experience without all the headaches of ordinary computers.


There is no desktop background, no taskbar and even no drives. Everything on this notebook is done on the web.To log in you have to use your Google Gmail account, or otherwise just use the Guest account. Once logged in, all you see is the Google Chrome web browser.


The Chrome book has a lot of functionalities to offer.

Instant web. Google claims that it only takes this machine 8 seconds to boot and connect to the web. These creatively engineered notebooks are designed to get faster over time as updates are released. You open it up and it resumes instantly. This notebook runs smoothly and loads your favorite websites quickly. According to Wired  Magazine, “With kids, they flip the lid and they are online,” Wente-Chany said. “They don’t spend eight minutes booting up and authenticating with the network,” which she described as a waste of classroom time.


Connectivity. It’s easy to get connected anytime and anywhere with built-in Wi-Fi and 3G. As your Chromebook boots up, it quickly connects to your favorite wireless network so you’re on the web right from the start. Verizon’s Data Plans for 3G are available.


Availablity. Your documents are safely stored on the cloud, so even if you lose your computer, your data is available for recovery anytime.

Apps ChromeBooks are capable of running millions of web apps, from games to spreadsheets to photo editors. Some apps can even work in those rare moments when you are not connected to the internet due to the amazing power of HTML5. This notebook has also made CDs obsolete, as this device just uses the Chrome Web Store or direct URLs for getting the latest apps for you.


Performance & Security. Every time your ChromeBook starts, it automatically scans and fixes any possiblemalware found on your computer. Furthermore, all the apps and extensions are also automatically checked and updated allowing you to just relax and spend more time doing your work instead of always loosing precious time keeping your computer up-to-date/secure manually. Thus, every time you start the device, it actually gets faster and better.

To improve security, each tab of the Chrome web browser is kept independent and a sandbox is applied to each tab to enable efficient security. Meaning that even if any one of your tabs crashes, all your other tabs are kept running; as if nothing just happened. And if some suspicious malware is found in any tab, the sandboxing restricts that virus to that specific tab only, so all your other tabs remain safe!


Machine:Samsung Series 5 (WiFi)Samsung Series 5 (3G)Acer Chromebook (WiFi)Acer Chromebook (3G)
Consumer Price:$429$499$349$TBD
Enterprise Price:$30 per user, per month$33 per user, per month$28 per user, per month$31 per user, per month
Education Price:$20 per user, per month~$23 per user, per month$20 per user, per month~$23 per user, per month
Minimum Quantity:10 for Biz / Edu; no limits on consumer10 for Biz / Edu; no limits on consumer10 for Biz / Edu; no limits on consumer10 for Biz / Edu; no limits on consumer
Contract:3-year for Biz / Edu; none for consumer3-year for Biz / Edu; none for consumer3-year for Biz / Edu; none for consumer3-year for Biz / Edu; none for consumer
Included Data:None100MB monthlyNone100MB monthly

Overall, this is for sure a great device and it very well offers what they call as Speed Simplicity and Security, but doubts still remain in the minds of people. For example:  many people find it hard to believe that a PC can ever be replaced by something that just offers web connectivity. Furthermore, people are concerned that how are they going to access their data and other stuff when web connectivity is not available.


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